The dividing world

The dividing world

Never in the world, he thought he would be cared by people who were not his family or someone he knew from his childhood. The world was full of people but he thought everyone is occupied in their own search for the definition of life and the process they were taught to spend time in the world for themselves. For all the time in his world, all he had was his books and the plethora of the things to think about what his origin was. The question of why, where, how, when, and what kept him alive and was the main source of his energy to drive in the world. He used to read the free contents that were around the world since the dawn of time and the vast questions that humanity always asked.

Since the day he knew he had the ability to relate thing and weld intuitions, the world he thought happened to be a ball of mess and everything had open loose ends. It rested in the raft of foundations which needs a bond with the world that it was being built upon with. He found a tunnel to go inside of it at an early age. The tunnel connected to a bigger tunnel, which connected to a bigger tunnel at first. He was amazed at the depth and extent of the tunnel, but upon staying inside that world, he found out, many of the miners left the place. And many of the dwellers were not interested in going inside the dark tunnel which had answers but it needs to be excavated, mined and polished. Those bigger tunnels would lead to the dead end where no one would dare to go further in the fear of cave in. He used to come to the surface for some air and again plunge back into the tunnels and remain there month and months understanding the complexity of things which was thought to be understood but was not. And upon coming back to the surface he knew many things but it would need years and years to make those structure possible in the outer world.  He was so much habituated with the puzzle of unwinding those tunnels and excavating to the great depth, it was his life.

Live every story, once upon a time… A day comes a time, where he found a little princess who was afraid of what she experienced recently. The world she lived shook her to fear that she is not safe and sound around her land of happiness where she spent her life decorating and preserving. Her land was filled with joy, where everyone was welcome to see but only chosen ones could dwell. She built the land from emptiness to the amusement part seen from outside. The effort and the time she took was tremendous and one day he crossed over her land when he and she met in a commonplace which they both liked for that moment. The place was had a constant engagement of thinking, memory, and speed. Upon spending time and again, she invited to her land. As she also knew, he was from a different land, she was enthusiastic to know his too.

He still remembers the first time they connected he saw the same process of brisk play, the enthusiasm, and the welcoming nature. It became one of his pivotal time to know and understand many things he always ignored or was afraid to do in his life. Her beliefs, her needs, her objectives, her way of thinking, everything was half different than him.

Knowing her, where he ends, she begins, and where she rests he sprints.

Months go by, understanding the inner worlds, the one he had never shown to others, the ones which can only be shared through countless paragraphs, times which needs years to understand a simple belief. The little princess was unaware of the world he was living apart from his and her meets. Though they share the same external environment, the internal environment he had fostered was all dark, mechanized world, with machines always trying to manufacture logic and mine to pierce the tunnels further. Constantly breaking the deep mountain to understand what lies beneath it, all chaotic, inner world people working tirelessly to understand things in a new way, to make tunnels in the progression through the mental madness to the real-world applications.

He knew his inner world was too chaotic to understand, there were lakes, valleys, gorges, skies, oceans, creatures, music, rhythms but also the darkness, tunnels, and roads that need to build to plow into the land of answers. Sometimes he used to think those answers that would be useful to decorate the land of the little princess, to make her land safe, sound and the trust she needs to foster, to grow, to glow and to shine. But he still had a long way to find a way how to make it happen.

Little princess always wonders where he was when he was not around. Had he been lost to the tunnels, will he resurface again, how to find a way to go if he needs help. But he has protected the world from her for her happiness. His world had so many loose ends, she will clinch her head knowing all those things which didn’t have meaning. And countless hours would be burned up to come to the same point which was left months ago.

But still knowing she wanted to search him when she fears where he was. She tries to search the inlet, the entry to see what it was like to be there in the other world. But he made it like the way I was to her eyes, it could only be connected by her consciousness. Every external effort to search the way ends up in only getting more and more lost into the vastness of the world she lives.

The mirrors that were in between his land and hers were equally reflecting both. But when they break the mirrors and meet and look at her world and look at her happiness, he thought it was a blissful act. But he had his tunnels deep down which he needed to be connected and figured out what’s their importance was. This had rooted him to go in those dark world time and often. But he always wanted to explain her, being in those tunnels did not mean he was lost, sometimes he could lose a track which he went inside, and it would take a bit time to get outside and figure out where he left.

He had also realized the lost in connection could take an upturn in the above world, where the bliss could turn into the dark cloud, the lakes which created a gentle soothing breeze could also create a wave which could make one scared…

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