Day 1

  1. Go to Baneswor chowk’s main bus-stop and look for a bus to dhulikhel.
  2. Tell the driver/co-driver to drop in dhulikhel bus stop. It is around 30 km from baneswor to dhulikhel so will take around 1 hour to reach dhulikhel bus stop.
  3. When you get off at dhulikhel bus-stop, then ask local for where is NAWRANGA RESTAURANT (or be smart to use google maps to navigate to this restaurant).
  4. When you reach this restaurant, ask for two things COFFEE and BANANA PANCAKE. This is a very artistic restaurants as there are paintings everywhere, please ask them to give the sketchbook they have lots and lots of water and oil painting. You can buy one too, the price is not expensive so you can buy one as a souvenir.
  5. Then head to DHULIKHEL VILLAGE RESORT OR GAIA HOLIDAY HOME. They have rooms ranging from Rs 1000 per night to Rs 5000 per night. Accomodate yourself and go to visit dhulikhel bajar or just go for some nature walk to some village or sit in bed with window view of the hills and read a good book.

Day 2

  1. Ask locals to give direction for namobuddha trail. The trail has posting signs so you will not get lost.
  2. On the trail, you will go through 1000 steps, middle of the 1000 step there is “santi ban” where a large statue of buddha rests. On top of the 1000 steps, there is a kali temple and a 3 storeyed view tower. It will be a perspiring hike. There are few hotels nearby kali temple for lunch.
  3. After kali temple, it should be around 2-3 hours walk to namobuddha. Once you reach namobuddha, you will like the aura of the place. Monks meditating and doing their prayer. Roam around the monasteries.
  4. You can stay in the namobuddha resort there or Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery Guesthouse. There are only two available options to stay in NamoBuddha.
  5. If you think you can return back to dhulikhel for the night that will also be a good option but if you feel lazy, staying a night there will not be that bad too.

Day 3

  1. If you are in Dhulikhel, go to the same bus station and get into the bus for Kathmandu.
  2. If you are in Namobuddha, you have various options, one to hike to Kavre bhanjyang and get a bus to kathmandu, or hike to Sankhu and get a bus to Panauti and from Panauti to Kathmandu in Next bus.
  3. I would recommend go to Sankhu and then to panauti. Panauti is a historic place with lots of cultural places to roam. When you get off to Panauti, ask for the locals for “panauti layaku” translating panauti durbar. There are various temples and museums. When you walk the streets of panauti, you will see newari traditions all the way. I feel connected with those tradition but every one will have their own feelings. I bet it will be good feeling.
  4. Once done with the panauti tour, ask local for panauti bus station and from there you can take bus back to kathmandu.
Namobuddha Monastery
Namobuddha Monastery
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Enlarged View of Mountains from Dhulikel
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Dhulikhel Bazar
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Nawranga Guest House
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Majestic Mountain View (sangesh.com.np)
Panauti bazar
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Local community of dhulikhel
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